How do we work?

Prior to the renovation works an agreement is drawn up, which describes in detail the scope of the works to be done.

After receiving the car, the complex process of restoring the car begins to achieve the state desired by the customer.

The car is dismantled, we take hundreds of photos accurately documenting both the progress of the works and as many details as it is possible that may be discussed with the client during the renovation process.

Photographic documentations of projects are regularly sent to the customer via e-mail, which enables them to observe the progress of the works at a time convenient for them as well as to customize the direction and scope of the renovation in its course.

Working on cars that are tens of years old is related to the exploration for and the acquisition of spare parts from warehouses worldwide. Our company specializes in ordering the required parts, we can also work on parts supplied or ordered by the customer. In cases where the parts are not available, we organise their direct replacement in specialized factories and workshops.

Our services also include transportation of the car. After completion of the renovation, the customer receives a complete set of images constituting the documentation process of the car restoration.

We are looking forward to doing business with you.






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