We offer:

- Sandblasting, glass blasting of all elements

- Body work - a comprehensive reconstruction of the body and frame with new parts or those prepared in our workshop with the use of specialized tools for profiling sheet metal.

- Painting - for painting we use highest-quality products or products specified by the customer. After painting each vehicle is carefully secured with anticorrosive agents in all hollow sections.

- Upholstery – we cooperate with a company performing complete repairs of leather and material pholstery of different colors and designs (modern and classic), and with carpenters who prepare elements from different species of wood.

- Mechanics - engine overhauls, preparing parts, repair of exhaust systems of ordinary or stainless steel, suspension repairs, electrical repairs.

- Electroplating - (chrome plating, nickel plating, zinc plating, blackening) all commissioned to the best companies in Poland.

- We have got our own transport!






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